Tellink has a vast portfolio of customized OEM IoT solutions as part of its offering for other device manufacturers, System Integrators and Turn-Key Solution providers. These products are typically made available to the market by the vendors under their own brand.

Tellink’s extensive OEM customized product offering has been part of other companies’ portfolio for more than two decades. Nevertheless today’s irruption of Smart City and IoT connected devices make Tellink’s OEM offering especially relevant. Every device will need to become Smart and Tellink is a recognized world leader in providing communication and control capabilities to any device that would have those needs.

Within today’s Smart City and sensors’ IoT platforms Tellink’s customized OEM solutions represent an ideal alternative for the following type of customers:

· System Integrators o Service-oriented companies or organizations that need to offer an end-to-end IoT/ and/or Smart City solution to their customers. These customers require a well-recognized designer and manufacturer like Tellink, that is capable to produce high volume sensors, actuators or nodes, at the right cost.

· Manufacturers that require to integrate their objects or devices as part of a Smart City solution or IoT platform. These type of manufacturers are ideal users of Tellink’s customized OEM solutions as they require Tellink to add communications and control sensors and nodes to their objects so that they become Smart. Of course, all of that needs to be done without losing their brand recognition.

Some of the advantages of using Tellink’s OEM customized solutions are as follows:

· Availability of customized design, that include their own branding, without carrying with high R&D and manufacturing fix costs

· Ability to offer complete solutions to their customers, under their own brand, and an unified post-sale Tech support backed by Tellink level-2 tech support service

· • Ability to add unique features or functionalities to their products, not offered by their competition, so that they can differentiate and increase their value to their customers

· Faster time-to-market, taking advantage of Tellink’s already-available design tools that only require minor adjustment to adapt to special customized requirements

· Reduced cost as Tellink make high volume purchases of commonly used electronic components for many customers. Every individual customer will most likely not be able to get the same volume-based cost by their own

· Complete certainty of using next generation technologies and manufacturing processes as it is an integral part of Tellink’s OEM offering

· Relief of using an OEM partner like Tellink , with a vast OEM experience that has been enjoyed by hundreds of OEM customers over the last 25 years

Find below some real examples of OEM products solutions developped and manufactured by Tellink:



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