New headquarters from 14-dec-2015

We inform all our customers, suppliers and other administrative and business contacts that as of December 14, 2015 Tellink will operate from his new headquarters located at the address indicated below. This physical address change will affect all purposes including billing, collections, payments, and shipments of all correspondence.

The rest of the administrative and contact information of our company will remain unchanged, that includes VAT code , all e-mail addresses, bank accounts numbers , website, and mobile and fixed phone numbers of all our employees . Therefore, our administrative and contact data, after the office change, are as follows:

Tellink Sistemas de Comunicación, S.L.

Avenida Dr. Severo Ochoa, 40
28100 Alcobendas, Madrid – Spain
VAT Code: B-78918984
(+34) 91 358 9120

If you need further information or want to ask any questions related to this subject, please contact us at the following address:, or use the contact form on our website.

Release of TelFlow-RF access to smart-metering

In many cases it is not possible to easily access energy consumption registers or meters as well as other similar devices. The main problems that prevent access to these devices are basically two: 1) lack of cable networks at the device installation site, and 2) lack of power at the site.

Tellink announces the upcoming release of his TelFlow -RF products line that will help solve these two problems , and remove barriers to remotely access these type of devices from anywhere in the world via internet.

TelFlow-RF is an advanced wireless transceiver designed for smart -metering applications. These equipment includes internal batteries and local data-storage capacity (datalogger), and it is available with casing for connection to already-installed registration devices or OEM version ( PCB ) for its integration by manufacturers as part of newly produced registration devices (gas, water, electricity, etc.).

TelFlow-RF provides quick access to data generated by remote devices, thereby allowing automate processes for measuring consumption and billing by Power Distribution companies (Power utilities) and Energy Efficiency Consulting firms . TelFlow-RF includes different wireless modules alternatives operating industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands, depending on the application. TelFlow-RF also has different battery options depending on the specific application.

Contact Tellink to know more about their RF Smart-metering devices



Tellink announces the release of FacTel -INT , which is the integrators’ version of Tellink’s well-known remote Energy consumption metering software application. FacTel -INT is a software tool that extract energy consumption information from remote energy meters using most common protocols ( IEC – 870-5-102 , Mod -Bus , etc. ). Once extracted, it is delivered to the client application through API in predefined formats. With FacTel -INT, integrators, energy traders, energy service companies and consulting firms should not worry any more about the tedious task of dealing with protocols and communications equipment. Contact Tellink to learn more about Factel -–INT

Pulse-to-Modbus converter

Tellink announces the addition of thepulse-to-Modbus converter, as an optional embedded application within its range of Modems / Dataloggers MultiNet. With this addition, applications that implement Modbus protocol can access simple devices that communicate using pulse generation. Examples of these devices can be meters for gas, water , or electricity, for sub-metering devices , or probes of different types. Contact Tellink to learn more about this solution.