Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

At Tellink we want to do business in the right way: operating in a responsible manner, with integrity and according with high ethical standards.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct encompasses these principles. That is how we expect our employees to behave. The Code of Conduct provides guidance on how to treat other employees, customers, suppliers, our shareholders, the general public and ours competitors in an ethical and appropriate manner.

The Code of Conduct, by its very nature, cannot describe all possible situations that our employees may encounter. What it does provide is a basis for the development of Responsibility beyond the results.

At Tellink, our line of communication through the electronic address code-of-conduct@tellinksistemas.com offers the opportunity to employees, customers, collaborators and other commercial partners to report any suspected violation of our Code of Conduct, our policies or some of the current laws.

Download Tellink’s Code of Conduct