Locutax-Plus Telephone both Management system

Tellink’s Locutax-Plus system consists of a set of equipment that allows the complete management and control of multiple telephone booths. It automatically selects the most economical route in each call (LCR). The system performs administrative management of the shop (generating bills, call history, viewing the number dialed by booth, cost, call duration, etc.)

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The system includes the following elements:

Control unit : it is a stand-alone device capable of controlling up to 8 individual telephone-booths

Booth display, (one per booth): Parameters of each call (duration, cost, remaining credit, etc) are shown on this display. This element also performs call-billing and call-routing.

The functional characteristics of Locutax-Plus are as follows:

Postpaid operation: Indicates call duration, destination and cost. It is possible to hang over either end, it automatically generates the bill or it can generate a detailed list of billing-pending calls made in that booth.

Prepaid operation: Indicates the duration of the call, the remaining time for the call, and the call destination. It generates an audible signal when it is running low on credit.

Routing Tables and destination cost

Scalability: Modular up to 8 booths.

Remote Programming: The system can be controlled from remote management center. The following parameters can be modified: profile routing, prefixes, cost and billing rates by destinations and. Call history reports can also be generated.

Monitoring Computer: The status of every telephone booth can be monitored and controlled from a centralized computer

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