M2M Modem Datalogger MultiNet-GPRS

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Tellink’s MultiNet- GPRS is a serial port ( RS -232 , RS -485 ) wireless modem wich has a small form factor but a robust design. This modem has been specifically designed to provide M2M wireless connectivity over GSM / GPRS networks for applications such as smart metering , monitoring of vending machines , environmental stations , safety, environment and livestock farming , manufacturing or transportation , among many others. It is ideal for use in SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) as the MultiNet -GPRS enables remote monitoring, data collection and remote control over all kind of devices equipped with a serial communication port.


The Multinet -GPRS has been designed for reliable operation in industrial and commercial environments and its optional RS- 485 interface (as an alternative to RS -232) lets you control multiple devices connected in a bus topology. It is equipped with an internal slot (externally accessible) to insert a SIM card from any operator, and also has the ability to optionally include DIN rail adapter.

Modem Datalogger M2M MultiNet- GPRSModem Datalogger M2M MultiNet- GPRS

The MultiNet-GPRS allows its configuration either locally via serial port or remotely , from any computer connected to the Internet. In order to allow the remote configuration it includes a built-in web server, accessible from the outside that allows the adjustment of all functional parameters.

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