PSTN Modem MultiNet-33

Modem red fija, MultiNet 33

Tellink’s MultiNet-33 is a serial port modem for fix switched telephone network (PSTN). It is intended to offer an alternative in those M2M communication situations where it is desirable to use traditional phone lines to connect RS-232 serial devices. Typical examples of these applications would be these situations where due to safety regulations wireless (3G or WiFi) communications are not allowed, but there are analog lines available.

MultiNet-33 is an small-size and robust design solution to connect any device equipped with a serial port to the Internet via PSTN line. Thus, MultiNet – Ethernet allows remote monitoring, smart metering, data collection and remote control of all kinds of devices equipped with a serial port.

Modem red fijaModem Datalogger M2M MultiNet- GPRS

The MultiNet-33 can be configured either locally via serial port or remotely, and due to its robust design and configuration flexibility it is ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments . Additionally, as all other members of this product family, MultiNet-33 is ready to include Tellink’s embedded customized applications (e.g. protocol converters), making the Multinet-33 into a powerful M2M communication tool which can be adapted to any application.

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