PLC SequencerSecTel-PLC

SecTel is a PLC-sequencer system whose two main functions are:

Identify the state of specific physical variables in remote locations (temperature, humidity, and others).

Depending on pre-determined criteria and state of physical variables act (on/off) over external devices connected to it.

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SecTel system was originally conceived as a sequencer for air-conditioning systems for industrial environments. The system was able to activate or deactivate the air conditioning machines of industrial plants; it also detected, stored and transmitted to a remote control center certain alarms associated with these machines. Additionally, by using external sensors, SecTel was responsible for maintaining the right temperature for a proper plant operation.

Subsequently there are many additional applications for SecTel, among which are control systems for temperature and humidity in data centers and telecom switching rooms, or lighting control systems in shopping centers, among many others.

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