RFID System IdenTel-RF

Tellink’s radio frequency identification (RFID) system IndenTel-RF is a proximity identication solution (approximately 10 cm), without physical contact, over fixed or moving objects. The system consists of two elements:

RF transmitter module included within each object, and it includes identifying information, along with other information depending on the application

RF receiver or reader module, responsible for extracting the information from the associated object’s TAG when it is in its scope, and transmit it to one or more control centers

Sistema de identificación por RFID, IdenTel-RF

IdenTel-RF system was originally designed for the identification and inventory of passive elements attached to the outside plant telecom and power grids. Since then, the system has been applied to many other projects such as baggage identification systems, attendance control, or rental bicycles/mopeds management systems, among others.

IdenTel-RF is based on the Hitag technology. RF operates in the 125 kHz band, comes standard with an RS-485 port, but optionally it could include any other (Ethernet, RS-232, etc.) interface. The solution consumes less than 700mw and its power supply range is 12 to 24 Vdc.

Due to its open and versatile design, and the ability to create custom Tellink embedded applications, IdenTel-RF is an optimal OEM solution, able to integrate as a functional element within higher systems.

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