Ciber-café Management application CiberTax

Tellink’s CiberTax software application has been designed to manage and bill internet access within gaming centers, internet-cafés, business centers, hotels, schools, libraries, etc. The application centrally manages the level of accessibility, duration of connection, cost and billing process for each position.

Aplicación gestión cibersalas CiberTax_01image012

It consists of 2 programs: CiberTax Server and CiberTax Client, respectively installed on the server and terminals. Both applications together offer the following features:

• Management of up to 32 terminals.

• Pricing by time with initial franchise.

• 3 sets of different days for pricing.

• Lock / Unlock manual / automatic positions.

• Custom settings for each position.

• Customer Accounts consumer products with bonds

Configuration options in the terminal:

• PC desktop settings (shortcuts, context menu «Properties».

• INTERNET EXPLORER Configuration (printing, full screen, «Internet options» and downloads).

• Configuring Windows Explorer (drive, local area network, «folder options», «file menu» and toolbar).

• Configuring start menu and taskbar (contextual menu, hiding of programs in taskbar, lock taskbar, start button).

• Configuración de la ADMINISTRACIÓN DEL SISTEMA (restringir aplicaciones, validar CTRL+ALT-SUPR, encendido/apagado del PC, inhabilitar modo MS-DOS, autoarranque desde CD, control de la impresión, etc.

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