Geo-location and Remote control GeoTel

GeoTel is a geo-location software application for remote management and control of signaling and marking systems, although its functionality is easily adaptable to many other mobile devices or systems that need to be geo-located and be remotely managed. The application complies with the following two basic functionalities:

1) Manage communication between the centralized systems (computers/servers) and mobile, semi-mobile or portable remote devices. Communication is typically conducted through a mobile network (GSM, GPRS, 3/4G), although it could be done through other networks (Ethernet TCP / IP, or switched telephone networks)

2) Get operational and position-related data from each remote device. Depending on the data analysis, GeoTel will send orders to de remote devices in order for them to adapt or change the way they operate. The system can also make announcements by SMS, email to maintenance personnel if immediate human attention would be required.

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GeoTel was initially designed to remotely control sea beacons, and more specifically lighthouses and buoys. Remote communication devices along with the software application reported status information about lamps and batteries, power consumption, and cadence of light signal against pre-defined patterns. In mobile signaling, the system also detects the geographical position of the device and its unusual deviations.

Over time, GeoTel has evolved to adapt to other application as control of information/advertisement screens, temporary signaling systems in ports, airports, roads, or control systems for valuable urban furniture within (smart-city)..

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