FacTel is a constantly evolving smart energy metering application that includes the following functionalities:

Communications Management between the central metering systems (computers) and the remote smart meters distributed across the geography. Remote reading can be done through any type of network: mobile networks (GSM, GPRS, 3/4G), Ethernet TCP/IP, or switched telephone networks (PSTN).

• Interact with the smart meters (or any remote device linked to them) in order to get all energy and consumption information stored in them.

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FacTel was initially designed to providing an effective solution for remote reading of meters under the IEC-870 / 5-102 protocol. Subsequently, the application has developed and it now includes additional features and protocols for reading not only electricity meters but also gas, water, oil, etc.

Currently, Factel is operating in thousands of installations, works with all brands of meters that conform to standard protocols, and it is able to communicate through any standard communications device ( wireline or wireless modem, Ethernet cards, etc).

The application comes in two forms:

Factel+ which is the version for those organizations using Factel as their single smart meters reading tool of energy consumption and it includes energy consumption reporting modules, contract management and different price schemes definition.

Factel-INT which is the version used by Energy Service Companies, System Integrators, and Consulting firms, and generally any organization that has their own software applications. In that case, FacTel-INT will be integrated into the customer´s software tools (there are several ways to do that). In this case, Factel is used as the tool to extract information from the remote meters, and the customers tools made the presentation of this information to end-users. To do this, FacTel comes with different APIs or interfaces used as a mean to deliver the information to the customers’ applications.

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