soluciones telemedida, smart metering solutions

Increasingly global and local stringent regulations affect both the emissions of greenhouse gases and the generation and distribution of energy. In this context, M2M solutions in general and telemetry solutions in particular, emerge as an essential element to address the challenges of growing energy demand , the ability to predict peak consumption, and the integration of increasingly extended generation systems based on renewable energies, solar and wind energy among others.

Tellink’s Smart Energy Metering system is a specific solution for the Energy Efficiency market and belongs to our “TSmarT” M2M initiative, as a vertical market application. The solution consists of a set of hardware devices and software tools that are integrated into the Energy Efficiency Plan of our end-customers. The key functions covered by the system are as follows:


a) Metering and recording of energy consumption (electricity, gas, water, oil, etc)
b) Store consumption information and send it to the processing centers
c) Processing of information and delivery of the results in the most convenient format so that decisions can be made (SCADA system, Energy Efficiency Servers, etc.)
d) Generation of different type of alarms in the case of consumption parameters deviate from preset values
e) Remote asset management (manual or automatic) according to different criteria, in case of corrective-actions need to be implemented

Eficiencia Energética, Smart Metering Eficiencia Energética, Smart-Metering Eficiencia Energética, Smart-Metering

The system can be comprised of one or more of the following elements:

a) Energy Consumption meters/recorders: They are the devices that actually measure the amount of consumed energy. They may already exist within the customer’s premises, in which case the information is extracted from them through a communications port (RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, RF radio, etc.). If those meters are not available at the customer premises, or if extra energy metering points need to be added, then Tellinks offers specific fit-to-purpose meters/recorders (i.e. sub-metering requirements)

b) Transducers, for those situations where pre-installed meters/recorders do not have an standard communication port to communicate with

c) Communications equipment’s: it typically consists of a hub or datalogger (to collect and store energy consumption information from several metering points located within the area) attached to a M2M modem that can communicate through a mobile network (GSM modem, GPRS, 3 / 4G), or through an Ethernet network, or through the switched telephone network

d) Software Tools, these tools on one hand address the remote meters/recorders from a centralized point, and on the other hand deliver all this information to the customer. The information delivery can be made directly through a user interface or trough API’s to the customer’s software application (i.e. SCADA, Web Services, etc)

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that the meter reading protocols are a very important part to consider (IEC 870-5-102, Modus, Mbus, etc) as if they are not implemented the no communication will be possible. Tellink has extensive experience in these types of protocols and many of them are already embedded within its hardware products. When embedded protocols are not available then Tellinks offers a portfolio of protocol converters to make the communication possible.

Contact Tellink and we will find out the best solution for your specific requirements.