Geolocation industry encompasses a set of technologies and applications that go beyond the basic identification of the geographical position of a device. This is a set of technologies that all together or applied separately enable the identification of any object, device or person obtaining its geographical position (different accuracy degrees), monitoring and control in mobility situations. All these technologies associated with objects, in conjunction with software tools are available to be implemented within many different scenarios. . Examples of these applications are:


• Control and management of fleets of vehicles (Fleet management): real time information of the position of each vehicle, its historical driving information, distances, times of activity (tachograph readings) and stopping periods etc. All this information can be sent in real time to one or more centralized locations and when it is properly processed then it can be used to: control driver behavior, route optimization, maintenance planning, etc.

Geolocalización y control de flotasl Geolocalización y control de flotas

• Control of vehicles for personal use (rental bicycles, mopeds, etc.). It is a special case of fleet management in which the most important information is to know the number of bicycles or mopeds located in every parking lot, in order to ensure a proper level of service while ensuring payment for use. For this application, real time location information of mobile vehicles may not be required.

• Avoiding the loss or theft of assets, not only of vehicles but other items such as bags, value, packs portable devices (mobile signs, advertising panels, mobile kiosks or vending machines, etc.).

Beacon control for marinas, ports or airports. In such environments signaling elements (beacons, buoys, signals to door) are crucial for traffic management. Due to the fact that they are located within the water they may be subject to undesirable variations of position caused by meteorological phenomena. Detecting that those signaling elements do not move further than a given position is crucial to manage and prevent accidents

Geolocalización y control de flotasGeolocalización y control de flotas

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