Remote Control or Remote Management concepts are part of the daily tasks to be addressed by those organizations that need to control their devices and industrial plants located across different geographical locations. The concept of Remote Control refers to the connection of remote stations with one or more control centers. In this type of environment one can use different types of private or public communication networks to perform the control and management of your remote devices. Data flows can be generated either by specific events that require decisions or by cyclical monitoring processes remotely executed. The exchange of information is done with specific remote-control protocols, some of which are vendor proprietary.

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It should be borne in mind that the integration of existing devices is fundamental when implementing a monitoring or remote control system. Depending on the variety of systems to coexist in an environment (monitoring systems, industrial process control, alarm systems, or sensors of different physical variables, etc.), and the manufacturers of these systems, their integration can be complex.

First of all, the physical communications interfaces may or may not comply with international standards; moreover they may not even have any communication interface at all. Examples of physical interfaces of widespread communications in such environments may be RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet LAN, CAN-Bus, wireless, RFID or RF. In addition, communication protocols and types of networks in use can also be very diverse, to mention just some of them: Modbus, Profinet, Powerlink, M-bus, EMM.

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We face therefore an environment in which devices, physical communication interfaces, protocols, and extraordinarily diverse types of networks come together. Sometime those devices comply with international standards and sometimes they don’t. Even in those situations where devices comply with a given standard, it is not unusual to realize that the implementation of this standard made by the manufacturer may not be totally compatible with other devices that comply with the same standard specification.

In this diverse environment it is where Tellink has specialized designing equipment and M2M solutions that help different devices and systems to understand each other.

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