Monitoring, control and communication with the outside

They are the basis of any Smart City or IoT project. These are intelligent devices, responsible for monitoring, providing communication capacity and acting on the physical assets they control. Being equipped with internal processing capacity, they are able to make decisions, detecting and acting on possible anomalies in real time, without the need to consult with remote servers. This allows traffic in IoT networks to be minimized and avoid delays in making operational decisions.

Tellink's intelligent lighting control devices are installed in the luminaires and/or in the Lighting Command Centers, and communicate with the Tellink TSmarT Platform or with third-party IoT-Smart City Platforms, allowing customers to have a absolute control over your lighting networks.

“Cloud platforms and data storage are useless without reliable hardware that provides connectivity and delivers Internet of Things (IoT) data. The truth is that the development of IoT hardware is extremely complex, and a highly qualified and experienced team of IoT engineers is required to design, develop and implement the Devices. (

The reliability of hardware devices is decisive for the success of any IoT project. At Tellink we are clear about this, making these devices a central element of each IoT project from the first stages of its design.

Let's imagine a lighting remote management project with thousands of connected luminaires. We can have a sophisticated software platform with great data analysis capacity and advanced storage systems, but none of this will be useful if the Controllers installed in each Luminaire are not reliable and work correctly.

It is vitally important that the design of hardware devices is carried out keeping in mind that they must be manufactured on a large scale and their operation must be extremely reliable. Mass manufacturing IoT hardware devices requires rigor and experience in the equipment design and manufacturing processes. At Tellink, we have more than 30 years of experience addressing massive M2M and IoT deployments in professional applications.


Design and Manufacturing of M2M / IoT Controllers

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