Business Integrity

At Tellink we only want to do business the right way: operating responsibly, with integrity and adhering to the highest standards of corporate ethics. This is how we understand it, and this is how we put it into practice with our own employees, with our clients, with our suppliers, with our business partners, and with anyone who interacts with us.

Code of Ethics and CSR

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct encompasses these principles, and establishes our position as a company regarding the way we want to do business. The Code of Conduct provides guidance to our employees on how to treat other employees, our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and our competitors.


We all commit

All people, companies or organizations that participate in Tellink's value creation must be aware of our commitment to business integrity. Furthermore, at Tellink we are convinced that our commitment and business ethics create long-term value in itself.


Staff and collaborators

Our employees must be aware of the company's principles of integrity and ethics, and be committed to them. If you have any questions, it is best to consult your direct manager, any other manager, or use the "Report Line" on our website.


Exemplarity and sensitivity

The management positions of our company must be an example of ethical conduct when doing business. But they must also show extreme sensitivity to employees' doubts or complaints in this matter.


Suppliers, customers and distributors

All companies and individuals that deal with Tellink are aware of our level of commitment to integrity in doing business. This commitment is above and beyond the achievement of our business objectives.

Make Inquiries

Our Code of Ethics, by its very nature, cannot describe all the possible situations in which we may find ourselves on a daily basis. What it does do is provide a basis for the development of individual responsibility that goes beyond achieving business objectives. Sometimes doubts or conflicts may arise, and to resolve them it is best to make a consultation:


Report Line

About us Tellink offers the opportunity to employees, customers, partners, suppliers and anyone who interacts with us to report any suspected violation of our Code of Ethics, our policies or any of the laws in force. This communication will always be done in a secure and confidential manner. To report any suspected misconduct, click on the button below: