Smart-Metering and Smart-Control

In the world of Smart Buildings or the Connected Industry, communication devices are a fundamental element. Applications such as tele-measurement of energy consumption or automation of industrial processes require reliable control and communications equipment optimized for these environments. At Tellink, we offer several product ranges specifically designed to support this type of next-generation applications. Furthermore, since all products are entirely designed and manufactured by us, we can make designs adapted to special needs, whenever it is economically viable.


This range of products includes state-of-the-art modem-dataloggers, gateways and protocol converters. They are designed to allow communication with remote devices equipped with a serial port (RS-232 / RS-485) or with pulse emitters, both through GPRS and 4G cellular WAN networks. These devices can also have input-output I/O modules to execute Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functions in industrial automation applications.

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MultiCOM and ComTel

This product range includes powerful multiport hubs. They are designed to allow communication with remote locations in which there are multiple devices equipped with a serial port (RS-232 / RS-485), and that need to communicate simultaneously, both through cellular WAN networks (GPRS or 4G), as well as through local LAN Ethernet connections. These concentrators bring together the communication functions between several devices and the outside world in a single device.

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The SmartNet range was created to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial environments. This range of products is completely modular to allow it to be adapted to the particular needs of each application. It includes an advanced modem for 2G and/or 4G cellular M2M WAN communications, has a large data storage capacity (datalogger function), and includes multiple analog and digital inputs, as well as different types of relay and open collector outputs. Additionally, this range of equipment can include a precise GPS module for those applications that require it. Tellink has different firmware versions for SmartNet adapted to the particular needs of different applications such as lighting tele-management, industrial control, Smart-Metering, etc.

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TelmeTer electric energy meters and Electrical Network Analyzers provide precise measurement of energy consumption, as well as the monitoring of countless electrical parameters (voltages, currents, power factor, harmonic distortion, etc.). They can perform measurements on single-phase or three-phase electrical circuits with different configurations, both with direct and indirect measurement. This range of equipment is especially designed for electrical sub-metering applications.

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Custom Designs

Standard products from any of our product ranges may not fit the 100% requirements of a given project. For these special cases, Tellink offers the possibility of modifying standard products, or even designing new equipment that fits the 100% to the needs of each project. In addition, Tellink has an OEM design and manufacturing service (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for other companies that market products designed and manufactured by Tellink under their own brand. Ask us.

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