M2M communication products and systems open the door to a new world of possibilities in countless industries and sectors of economic activity. Logistics, transport, health , consumer , trade, finance , security, industrial plants , or Utilities (gas, electricity, water , etc. ) are just a few examples. Those and other industries are experiencing the transformation of their daily operations as a result of the introduction of technologies for automatic communication between machines or M2M . The introduction of devices such as electronic meters (smart meters) , digital displays, vending machines , sensors networks, or alarm systems equipped with M2M communication devices represent a clear trend towards productivity increase , lower operating costs and lower energy consumption and emission of polluting gases.

M2M communications allow obtaining and analyzing real-time information from all these connected devices without human intervention. It is a change from «knowing what happened » to » know what is going on « at all times to thereupon automatically react and execute decisions based on the knowledge of reality in real time. M2M communications are an integral and inherent element of IoT (the Internet of Things).

Tellink’s M2M solutions are designed to connect remote devices to a mobile or fixed (WAN or PAN) network and allow monitoring , remote control and management of them from anywhere in the world where access to a telecommunications network (internet) is available.