On-board communication system for vehicle fleets FleetTel

FleetTel platform has been designed as an open on-board system of information gathering, communication and remote operation.

FleetTel is equipped with a high number of digital inputs and outputs, local communication ports, an accurate GPS module and a GPRS modem for external communications.

 Sistema de comunicaciones a bordo para flotas, FleetTel

RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports are typically used to interface with other devices within the vehicle such as tachographs, taximeters, camcorders or on-board computers.

The digital inputs are commonly used to acquire data of the vehicle, the driver and/or the passengers through sensors or push-buttons. Depending on the type of vehicle and its purpose, different types of sensors can be used (humidity, temperature, etc.). The push-buttons can also be used for multiple applications, one of the most typical being the «panic button». When clicked, FleetTel launches an emergency call to 112 number and an emergency email and voice message are also sent.

 Sistema de comunicaciones a bordo para flotas, FleetTel image004

Opto-coupled digital outputs are used to act on the vehicle equipment, based on commands/orders received from the control center or internal operating routines included in the firmware of FleetTel.

FleetTel should be understood as an open platform which allows multiple embedded applications that determine the operation of the system.

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