About us


We are an engineering company with over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing M2M solutions. Our mission is to create electronic and communication devices along with software applications that help our customers be more competitive in their respective businesses.

Our scope is M2M communications («machine-to-machine»), and our solutions are applicable in a number of areas among which include the following:

Smart Metering: advanced solutions for remote metering and remote management within the energy efficiency space
Remote Control Systems: solutions for remote monitoring and control of industrial plants and commercial premises
Road Traffic Control Systems: signaling and control of urban and interurban traffic
Geolocation and fleet management: solutions for identification, tracking and vehicle management, control marking and other mobile mobile assets.

Our contribution to the value chain starts with design and development of solutions (hardware and software applications), continues with control of serial manufacturing processes, execution of test routines, quality control, packaging and shipping to customer’s destination. Finally our post-sale technical support service ensures that solutions are properly implemented on the ground.

We have a clear international focus, and our products are deployed in over 30 countries. In order to make this possible, our solutions are designed according to the international standards that apply to them.

We are a company that focuses on people, both our employees and our customers, whom we think are our most valuable asset.

We encourage our potential customers to contact us if they do not find what they need in our website: we will most likely be able to find a solution together.